BeautyCourtney Creer

Make Up Must Haves

BeautyCourtney Creer
I don't wear a lot of makeup mostly because I don't like the feeling of having another layer on my skin. But, I do have some basic items that I can not live without! I have fairly good skin with minimal acne or scaring so I just use concealer to even my skin tone and brighten my face. I like to have an even complexion and bright eyes so I let the rest of my skin breath and only concentrate on those areas.
On a daily basis I wear: Maybelline eye shadow in brownie points which is no longer made - it's a champagne color not too far off from the color of my eyelid, mascara - a must have because I have the world's craziest lashes so I have to tame them with three different mascaras depending on the occasion, I fill in my brows and set them with a gel and I conceal under my eyes and around my nose.
Not too much but just enough to achieve the simple and pretty look that I am going for!
These are the products I use: