If you live or have ever been to Atlanta, actually Georgia period, you know during the summer the humidity is the worst! I don't mind the heat but when it feels like someone is breathing their hot breath on you all day is when I have a problem. But what can I say I love my city! Well, that brings me to what will probably be my uniform for the summer. I love shirts that allow air circulation but most importantly are cute! So this summer I will be on the hunt for some fun, flirty and flowy shirts!
I'm wearing: Forever 21 tank | thrifted denim shorts | Zara sandals (old)
Speaking of shopping for summer clothes, somehow I have held onto so many gift cards with who knows how much money on them. I stumbled upon this website Giift.com, which keeps track of all loyalty program points, miles and gift cards. It's the perfect network for those of us who love shopping and have gift cards and loyalty points from all over - it's a virtual wallet. You can even interact with fellow gift card/point holders and exchange or sell gift cards for money! They offer so much so go check Giift.com out and let me know what y'all think!

xx, Courtney Photos by Khaliah Mason